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Power to the Army


"....the band produced a wave of sound and energy never before matched on Guadacanal."

Capt Adam Crowle

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Christian Power & The Train join Armed Forces

Christian Power and his band of rockabilly playboys have been busy polishing their boots, checking their hospital corners, packing their duffle bags and are ready for inspection after being called up for duty by the armed forces entertainment division.
The boys are preparing for their first mission, a deployment to the Solomon Islands to entertain the troops. Says Power “ we can’t wait to pull on the fatigues, get through boot camp, and begin our first assignment. We have put a  shock and awe campaign together that is guaranteed to blow them away’

COUNTRY MUSIC Mag interview...

COUNTRY MUSIC - Capital News - Jan 2011 Edition

"THE GOSPEL OF FUN" By Matt Lawrence

By his own admission, Sydney guitar slinger CHRISTIAN POWER isn't out to reinvent the musical wheel or for that matter, change the world.

His intention is a lot less complicated. It's all about delivering sounds that turn frowns upside down.
An ever increasing fanbase and constant live work is testament to the fact that he may just be on to a winner.
For the past eight years Christian has served as the frontman for energetic trio, LONESOME TRAIN, rounded out by Australian rock n roll hall of famer and double bass slapper DOUG DEKROO and highly theatrical stand up drummer ROB LAURIE.
They have earned themselves a solid reputation via their stage shows and their debut full length recording, Cool Hand, is helping to spread their gospel of fun far and wide.
The sound generated by the boys is a sweaty mix of rockabilly, country and blues - a far cry from Christian's former musical outings, which ranged from straight ahead blues to alternative rock.





New album from Tamworth favourites 

Any suspicions of this being a heavy metal tribute to God are dismissed on seeing the flannelettewearing folk kicking it live on the back cover. The illusion is further dispelled on listening as singer/guitarist Power and friends deliver an album of friendly rockabilly that leans on the ’billy side of the fence – it even starts with an engine kicking over. The music touches base with various country/blues pillars like honky-tonk keys in Cribb & Munday, sunny pedal steel in Love By Fractions and belly-deep supporting vocals in Domestic Bliss. This is no reinvention of the wheel, but that hardly seems to be the band’s aim and it’s difficult to be overly cynical about a man who openly admits that he’s “a little bit city, a little bit country, a whole lotta rock & roll.” The guitar work of Fender-backed Power is sometimes a little inconspicuous on the record, only really letting loose on tracks like White On Rice, Dougie Style, El Dia De Los Muertos and the Devil Went Down To Georgia-inspired title track, which pits the speedy finger-picking of Cool Hand against the fiery fiddling of the Illawarra Flame.


Fender Endorsement

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