Please say g'day to us and send us your photos, memories, gig stories or anything else for inclusion on our site.

Hi guys,
I had a great pleasure of dancing to your band last night, Saturday 14th
August, at Ashfield RSL and in all of my 22 years of dancing to
Rock'n'roll  bands, you guys by far are THE best!!
Last night was the first time I watched you, and definately going to your
next gig!! Bought your CD as well, and haven't stopped listening to it!!
Absolutely fantastic!!

THANK YOU!!!   Ivona

Hi lads,
The wife and I caught your gig at the Orient last month when we were visiting from the UK. You got the whole place rocking, even us reserved Brits! A cracking set with some good banter with the punters and between yourselves. Come to the UK - you'd go down a storm!!
Alan Walker
Swindon, UK



Hi Christian,

Weird as this may seem..my two co-workers/friends and I just saw you tonight at the Haberfield Rowing Club and we couldn't stop talking about your amazing singing voice...and the talented band that accompanied you........I believe my friend was keen to know if you did any Johnny cash shows......

It was a really enjoyable night for us.....so thankyou for making it so..
We hope to enjoy your music again soon......

Kind Regards

Julie Stodolka.

Hi there,

Saw Lonesome Train at Tammy - can't even start to explain how great they were!
Any possibilty that they could head further down the coast? Kiama - Nowra area for some gigs?
I'll keep on checking the gig guide

Thanks, Haylz.

hey guys i had such an awesome time sunday night (with the help of some good old jack daniels) and it was fun getting up and singing with you guys.
christian if you ever get punched in the voice box or if the band does not work out I suggest maybe you should get into stand up comedy, coz you are one funny guy!! Anyways I will be seeing you guys in tamworth, so until then. have a good one!!



We couldn’t have been happier so thank you so much for providing such brilliant entertainment. I’ll be recommending you to anyone wanting a band in the future.

I’ll keep my eyes on your website for the next time you’re playing in Sydney.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

Jade Poland

Human Resource Manager
TAC Pacific Pty Ltd


I am writing this email as a thank you and an apology. My name is Natalie and I watched you guys perform at The Orient in the Rocks last night. You guys were great by the way so thanks. I on the other hand woke up this morning with sketchy flashbacks of the evening and then the horrific memory dawned on me that I actually got up on stage an attempted to sing. For that I apologise! I had a great night (i think) drank way too much and thought I should write this to you as my potential mother in law Kathy loves you guys and I will more than likely cross paths with you again (hopefully next time I'll leave the singing to you.)
Thanks again for the great entertainment.

Natalie Rundle - drunken chick with the bad rendition of Mustang Sally!!

Dear Lonesome Train from Ruby (their greatest fan and newest member)

I wish I was in your band. I liked dancing with your music last night
because it is fun. When you played your music I made it up (my dancing) as I
went along.

When the drummer stood up on the double bass, it was pretty clever.

Can you please tell me where you are playing next.

from Ruby (6 years old)

I have to say that your performance at Wintersun '07 was the absolute stand out I personally have seen in many years. I am glad you shared it with us.

Chops / Dave - The Bobkatz

Hi guys,
Thanx for the great entertainment in Wintersun. If I was to pick the best band you rank up there.
I have some great pix of you guys if you would like them message me an e/mail add and I will send them


Hi Christian,
It goes without saying you guys sure know how to work a crowd, entertainment plus some.
I hope to see you again in the future, what a treat if you were to come down south for a tour.
Here are the pix, take care and hopefully we cross paths again.


Just wanted to let you know that u guys rocked at wintersun and I rated you as one of the best bands up there this year.
Keep up the good work and I shall be in touch soon.


Hiya LST,
Just came across your new pages.Wow i'm impressed.You guys have come a long way.Being a local of Tamworth I have watched you guys work hard for a long time down here and finally I can see you guys are getting the recognition you all deserve.Actually I think you guys are now considered "locals" here in Tamvegas.As a friend and host of you guys while in Tamworth,i'm the envy of all,as I get to see the unplugged "Lonesome Train" and would love all your fans to know you guys are just as fabulous off stage as you are on,and just for the ladies,i'm cool with the fact they all sleep naked.haha! Can't wait for Country Music Festival 07,till then keep rocking those venues and bringing entertainment,fun and smiles to all.
Vikki XoXo
PS: See you guys in June hopefully


Hi Guys,
As promised here are some photos of you guys when you were playing at the Fitz in Tamworth. Once again your performances were awesome. Do you have regular gigs anywhere or could let us know some of the places you have coming up. My friends and I are keen so come see the rockabilly playboys again. :o)
Thanks again.


hey, its Cal (California Cal and Emmy-Lou) from the marquis o'lorne gig in newcastle last week.
just wanna thank u fellas for a top class show, we bloody well loved it, the c.d is great too, looking foward to the next time you're 'round these parts.
also thanks for lettin me get up and have a go that was fun, dunno about that last song we did....cold chisel was it?....no idea.
either way it was a top night, thanks fellas.
Cal & Emmy-Lou

Hey Christian
Thanks for the email , cant wait till Friday, we are coming to see the band wooo hooo.
I have seen a lot of bands in my time, but yours is fun. I love the audience interaction, everyone has fun.
hugz hun


Hi Chris
Just a short note to say thankyou very much for your performance yesterday at the Coopers Arms. We thoroughly enjoyed your set and will definitely come and see you guys again. Ive been thrashing your CD all day and its simply fantastic!!!
Assuming you have a mailing list please add my name to it.
Do you guys have a website?


I know your probably thinking who is this crazy woman and rightly so, but for some reason since seeing you play last night i feel as if i have to tell you something, just so you know i'm not making a play for you and will probably never see you again but there is something i have to tell you, you have to be the sexiest man that i have seen in a very long while, god i couldnt keep my eye's off you and i think you probably noticed!! This officialy has to be up there with one of the most random things that i have ever done but i just had to tell you!! Your a great band and are all very talented
Good luck and stay sexy!!!!
Katie x


G'day guy's,
Heard you at the motor ex 05 and to say you were sensational would be an understatement.
Rebels MC
norhthern Beaches Chapter


Hi Christian
I was at the show at the Museum Hotel on Friday night and had an absolute ball.
Just thought Id give you a bit of feedback on what people were saying the next day. I ran into people who said they really enjoyed the music and that you guys really got the place rockin and they were glad to see a decent band there. I also know of people who were really disappointed they hadnt turned up after hearing everyone talk about "the great band at the pub last night". Do you plan to go back to the Muso in the future?
Anyway enough head swell material Id also like to buy your CD so how do I go about that?


I heard you play in Sydney a few weeks back and thought you were guys were excellent, for style and showmanship.... I bought your CD and would be interested in licensing some of your original stuff for a micro budget full length feature film I am working on in Darwin It would be an excellent chance to give you some international exposure... you know, you guys would sound great singing "I've been everywhere" by johnny cash just a thought you guys have such a great sound a documentary video is just hangin out there, I wish i lived in Sydney to make it more convienent I really enjoyed your performance, wish there were more local bands that had as much personality...just enjoy hearing you guys play....you reminded me of why i had bought a guitar ages ago....


Hi Christian
Just saw you at the Orient and wonder where you would perform the next 2 weeks
Appreciate your feedback, was a great performance
Ronald Fiel


Hello Christian,
Just wanted to RAAVVVE about Lonesome Train. We all came up by bus from
Newcastle and had a fabulous time. You guys played to the crowd which is a
quality in a band. I haven't heard good Rockabilly tunes played live and well
done for ages!! Keep up the good work.
Also could you please put me on your gig guide list, I can throw it in my
guide and on my website gig guide www.swingbeat.com.au. when you get on
see I'm the girl in the purple dress who bopped, jumped, danced all nite!!


Hi Christian! What for hell!we hear one song of your band and they are really great Fifties rockabilly sound,we like to much ! We are a member on a French Rockabilly events organisation loookin'for bands can play at Jun weekender (they called 4th Rockin'music fest) . i'm very interested and happy if you can send demo + press kit about the band if you play . Enclose with this price + conditions for live gigs in Europe aera & don't forget please to give you're comin'live gigs dates . Let know if you have available: recordings & some band merchandising , thanks . Boppin'regards & wishes . Rockin'kisses . nadBop France (we like if you can write some more about Power chords music!)


Hello Guys,
My name is Luke, I'm 27 and I am from Brisbane,Queensland. I would like to say thank you for the show at Kirra Sports Club on June 10th and you guys were fantastic. I came to the show along with my mother CAthy which we went there because of Doug DeKroo being from the DeKroo Brothers and My mother saw the Dekroo Brothers at Birdland in Brisbane in the early 60's. I met Doug twice first when you guys played at Wintersun last year on Griffth Street which I got his autograph and met him again during the break this year at Kirra Sports Club which I got his autograph again and got a photo taken with him which it's a great honour which could you be able to put the photo on website if possible. I want to say it's great to see you playing around and hope you be able to come to play in Queensalnd in the future for shows.
Keep Up The Good Work
All the best
From your fan Luke


I caught you guys by good fortune yesterday in the rocks...and you ruled. Awesome show, will be stalking you fellas with pals from here on in. Thanks for switching a quiet sunday drink to a synapse melting twitchathon :)

Hey Christian

You guys put on a great show at the Kent in Hamilton the other Sunday.
We all had a great time. Lonesome Train turned what can very often be a
graveyard shift into a rock(abilly)'in fun night. Thanks for the sing
too. Lurve singing with good sound.

See y'all next time you make it to Newey.

Barbie the Singing Wannabe!

hey, i seen u guys at tamworth saturday night and you were great, i had a sing and danced all night, love the cd, will definately see you guys again soon,
thanks for great entertainment...


G'day Christian

2 years ago 4 of us from Perth went to the Orient at the rocks and saw you guys.
I bought your CD and you put me on your mailing list.I just saw the gig guide and your coming to Perth!
I'm excited!
See you there



Just a message to say that i really like your band, i went to see you guys at harrigans out at pokolbin after seeing you at tamworth and really enjoying that, i was dissapointed that your times had changed and we only got to see you guys for half hour, i was soo excited when you were playing so close to my home, but thems the breaks i guess.

Also when are you going to update some pics on your website? i keep looking but they are the same old pics and messages etc.

Will you guys be playing in the hunter vally or newcastle again soon?

hear from you soon
from kirsten..


Hi Christian,
Just thought I would let you know that your terrific music still has a great beat to it! eard you playing from within the Show Bag building last night so had to rush out and check, leaving my amazed friend wondering what had happened!! She found me bouncing about on the grass as you were playing your theme song!! I was the idiot one in the red jumper - but I promise not to be there again tonight!!
hope you are all having a successful year,
Cheers and regards to all,

Susie Linn


Hope all is good...

I caught you at the Easter Show in the Shed...loved you guys!

..I also happened to get chattin to the cute guy next to me in the bar there at the time and weve been seeing each other since;-)..so should I just thank you all now...or abuse you when it all goes wrong haha...jokin' of course...rock on!

Kerry x