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Christian Power

Guitar and vocals

Christian is a journeyman musician who started his career in Sydney as a teenager when he hooked up with Ed Clayton Jones who had recently returned from Europe after his stint with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Clayton Jonestown was formed, a bombastic and frenetic blues experiment that stalked the corridors of Surry Hills in the late 80's. Many great tours and shows later the obvious implosion had to happen. Christian went on to join The Whippersnappers, with their sweet harmony and fuzzy guitars, more tour stories and inevitable implosion follow. Many live and recording projects were embarked upon, some were good like the funky/cock rock band Tsunami others were just trying to be. The Swordsmen came a knockin' with their double breasted suits and sleazy rhythms and this became his musical home for a while, again, after many great shows and tours, high profile supports and famous guest spots it had to end.

Christian has been on board with the Train in recent years as well as performing with The Johnny Cash Show featuring Bosco Bosonac from the Atlantics. In 2007 he became a proud Fender endorsee which sees him not only playing all the finest gear but presenting showcase shows with the hottest international and Aussie guitar slingers. Christian writes, records, performs and presents in different projects to this day, otherwise you can find him in the surf on a little beach somewhere south of Sydney.

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Rob Laurie

Drums and vocals

With his mum’s knitting needles, pots and pans and old cardboard boxes, Rob has been bashing out rhythms since he was at least five years old. Growing up in the UK, soaking up pop & rock from sixties and seventies radio and TV, Rob always has had music around him. Initially influenced by his drumming older brother Steve, Rob, having settled in Australia, immersed himself in the study of music, visual art and performance. Eclectic describes Rob’s passion for all things musical and while there’s not a musical genre he hasn’t got to grips with, it’s good time rockin’ dance music that really floats his boat!

Since the late 80’s Rob has worked with numerous bands and musical projects local to Sydney and Wollongong; Man Bites Dog, World’s Klang, Robyne Dunn, Michelangelo (from the Black Sea Gentlemen), Helen Rivero, Last Band Standing and Jessemae to name but a few. As the Train’s powerhouse engineer, not much has changed since he was knee high to a grasshopper, he still gets to bash his pots and pans with his knives and forks and his mums knitting needles all the while hollerin’ and makin a scene like he was still five years old.

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Doug Dekroo

Double Bass and Vocals

When you look up the history of Australian rock'n'roll in some dictionary of the future, Dougies face will peer out at you, as this man has been on the coal face since the beginning. Back in 1959, a teenage Doug and his brother Leo known as The Dekroo Brothers were taken under the influential wing of Johnny O'Keefe.

What followed was an impressive story of success that included a national number one hit ' Scarlet', a celebrity marriage, huge Australasian tours with all the greats of the time including Roy Orbison, Cliff Richards, The Everley Brothers and many many more, friendships with a who's who of Australian celebrity, regulars on the top T.V. shows of the time like Bandstand and a place (second place in fact) in the Australian Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. The rock and the roll still pulses through his veins, he's now way past twenty one and loving every minute.

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